Alison and Matthew do Parkrun
20 May 2017

Finsbury Park is a park that is (unsurprisingly) right next to Finsbury Park station. This Parkrun is two laps around the park, including one quite steep hill. 376 runners took part this week.

Just like last week at Hampstead Heath, I set out this morning aiming to set a new PB. For most of the first lap, I was on track. Even though a large part of the lap was on a gentle incline, I completed the first mile in under 8 minutes. But then I hit the hill.

Struggling to recover from the hill, my pace dropped on the second lap, and hitting the hill a second time didn't help me pick it up. I'm going to need a flatter course than this to break my Highbury Fields PB.

After my disappointing experience at Hampstead Heath, I was a bit apprehensive for this new course. I hadn't done any running in the week before and I didn't think I'd beat my first time.

As it turned out, I didn't but I still had fun! Finsbury Park has a lovely Parkrun course with ponds and ducks and only one hill towards the end—which I still walked up. I might have to change my goal from "run a PR" to "run up a hill without walking".

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Parkrun is a weekly free timed 5km run. They take place all over the UK. We like running them and are trying to run every Parkrun in London.

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