Alison and Matthew do Parkrun
27 May 2017

Highbury Fields is an open space about a minute's walk from Highbury & Islington station. This Parkrun involves running five laps around the outside of the park. 252 runners took part this week.

This was my second time running this course and my first time running a course twice (I hope that makes sense) so I was hopeful that I would be able to actually run a PB this time. And I did!

It was pretty hot and humid so it was a tougher run than last time. Matthew lapped me sooner (at the beginning of the fourth lap rather than at the beginning of the last one) so I thought I was doing pretty badly. Even Runkeeper was squawking in my ear about my pace being 12 min/mile or something. So I was really pleased to shave 39 seconds off my PB.

It was very humid, but not a bad run.

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Parkrun is a weekly free timed 5km run. They take place all over the UK. We like running them and are trying to run every Parkrun in London.

About us

Alison is an interrupted medical student at King's College London. She runs a book blog at

Matthew is a PhD student studying maths at University College London. He blogs about maths and posts puzzles at

Parkruns in London3 / 47
Parkruns in the UK3 / 415
Alison's PB35:10
Matthew's PB26:53

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